Excecutive search

Through the last 15 years we have delivered more than 1000 top executives/members of the board of directors to Danish and Scandinavian companies.

It is vital to us to understand the business model, the ambition and the values. We have a passion for the craft and we never compromise.

The quality of the delivery and the teamwork is crucial to us.

Evaluation of the board of directors

The work within the board of directors is undergoing considerable development these years. The competencies and the assignments and roles of the board of directors must reflect the business model and the ambition of the company.

We complete evaluations in all types of companies – the biggest ones, the financial ones, the ambitious ones – all companies that want to ensure the highest possible effect and creation of value from the effort of the board of directors.

Leadership Assessments & development

The development of the competencies and teamwork of the management is a natural focus for most ambitious companies. The same applies to leadership development and assessment of the management during M&A – either before or as a part of due diligence.

Our toolbox is filled with well-documented leadership methods, test systems and assessment tools as well as a significant experience from countless leadership development projects and assessments through a period of 20 years.

Trusted advisor

We are proud that we are often invited as personal consultants, coaches and sounding board for top leaders, managements, board of directors, their chairmen and businessowners.

In this role we service all levels of companies nationally and internationally.

Organisational design

Many companies work continuously with development of new business models, which can ensure the justification of existence and positioning of the company in the future.

We are recognised and value-creating consultants when the supporting organisation needs to be designed and implemented. Equivalently we have assisted with mergers and integrations.